REDHERO | New Event: Forest Colored

Destroy them all! This is the thought we should have in this forest. You will have to defeat the cuddly creatures to continue on your way. If you really want to participate in this story you will should to have patience and determination because it will be a long journey on the way. Many items and bizarre monsters will come out of this saga and if you are ready click on accept mission to know the history of this evil and colorful forest. And only the strongest of the warriors will be able to achieve the legendary class of the forest or known only by Forest Armored Guardian Class it is for sure the strongest and rare class already created you will get ? let's start with the elements of this forest go and destroy the local monsters and you will have great surprise with the difficulty of this area in the next mission I will tell you more about the story!! Go and kill them do not waste time, we will not want losers like you here in this forest or trying to achieve the highest class of all. Go if you are able and do not come back without the victory if the opposite you will be dead in this mission and in this world of redhero. 

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