SPLANDS | ArchPaladin

The big back of the splands now we have everything and we will not stop anymore.


Obtain Items in Faroff With the Knust NPC and Much More on the Game Menu.

SPLANDS | New Releases (Friday)

Hello, I m here to let you know what's coming on this Friday! Prediction of what will come:

REDHERO | Invite Your Friends to Play!

Would you like your friends and family to earn your some HCs while you are offline? The idea is pretty simple and we like it because it does not reward anyone for spamming.

REDHERO | Forest Event

Hello heroes, the server is needing you to fight the terrible monsters of the forest, is this this is the first part of the course event that will come more. first you need to complete a few missions to complete the event then just to farm a bit you get various nice items of our best artists redplay, come on guys :) show that you do not like monsters and help npc ellen get rid them! 
you need some magic items? This event is WHAT you need to purchase finally the event will remain forever in our server ie you do not care about speed because he will always be with us :) ie the staff would a good game everyone!